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The Dead of Night

1.99 usd

Face off against wave after wave of zombies. Buy new weapons and upgrade your defences, but Watch your back for Shadow Zombies and blast them away with the Railgun. Increase your abilities with upgrades and ammo types. The Dead of Night is a wave based, zombie survival, 2d shootem up platform game. One genre wasnt enough for The Dead of Night.Build mode is a few seconds while the zombies regroup which allows you to build up your defences with turrets and barricades and upgrade them to hold off the hordes of undead.
The Dead of Night is packed with excitement. Use the Shotgun with Shock Ammo to stun multiple zombies, or the Minigun with Blast Ammo to break their spirits. For 5 minutes of zombie fun test your skill with Challenge mode. Choose a weapon, pick a zombie type. And try to survive, The Dead of Night.
Weapons:Handgun, Spud gun, Shotgun, SMG, Assault Rifle, Grenade Launcher, Battle Rifle, Laser Rifle, Pulse Cannon, Minigun, Rail Gun, Plasma Rifle
Zombie Types:-Horde Zombie (Your average Joe zombie)-Shadow Zombie (Transparent and sneaky)-Mech Zombie (He has a mech suit, takes a lot of damage)-Demon (Flying, fireball shooting enemies)-Dimensional Zombie (Blasts in from another dimension like he owns the place)
The Dead of Night will be updated frequently in its early phases.